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To make sure you see the latest cartoons and comedy work I am publishing plus advice and tips on the subject of humor and cartoons that you would normally have to take one of my classes for.

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About Me

I know the funniest people in the world, literally, and can share their comedy secrets and genius directly with you over coffee or tea on your iPad or computer.

I teach art, comedy and cartoons around the world from Pratt Institute, School of Visual Arts, NYU to Yonsei University in South Korea. I’ve provided lessons in many publications from LitHub.com to Writer’s Digest. I have spoke at each annual Writer’s Digest Humor Conference, The Norman Rockwell Museum, The Mount, Milford Readers & Writers Festival, Miami Book Fair and many others.

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I make books on bookstores, museums, cats, snowmen & try to make people laugh. NY Times bestseller, NYer cartoonist. 📕https://t.co/lzuBbgljKt